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MeXican Artisan Fashion & Design

Mexican Handmade Cushioned Equipal Chairs- Acapulco

Mexican Handmade Cushioned Equipal Chairs- Acapulco

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Mexican Handmade Cushioned Equipal Chairs- Acapulco

 MODERN style with a Traditional feel for our Acapulco Equipal Chair. Comfortable & beautiful in your choice of leather finish, your look of Padded or Non-Padded armrest. The design allows ventilation in the lower part of the back for a perfect outdoor ambiance. Concluding with a sturdy base of top quality Oak Wood & Rosewood. 

Proudly showcase a unique Mexican artisan piece of art for your home, or your restaurant. Exclusively from CoLores Decor.

All our equipales feature a stain/water (wine, oils, water) protective feature. An extremely sturdy and long-lasting crafted furniture piece for your dining area, outdoor use, or accent chair.

All our equipales are made in a 100% ARTISAN way by experienced craftsmen. All the pieces are delivered fumigated and varnished. The leather of your pieces of equipment are genuine, some imperfections, wrinkles, scars, marks or thinning of the leather must be appreciated as an original sign and not as a manufacturing defect.


Word of Nahuatl origin that was Castilianized equipal which means sitting place.

The equipales were considered by pre-Hispanic cultures as thrones, seats worthy of the Gods: materializing its importance as a symbol of power & testimony different social statuses, as they were reserved for mayors, priests & chiefs, to honor & highlight those who deserved it.




 This finish in "carnaza de cerdo" is extremely durable, less smoother than our Cow Skin finish, and great for outdoor use. All our equipales feature a stain/water protective feature. An extremely sturdy and long-lasting crafted furniture piece.


This is the SUPERIOR Finish "Vaqueta de Res", this material for the properties of durability and resistance are IDEAL. It wicks away moisture, retains its shape and is resistant to sun and heat damage, making it ideal for outdoors. This leather finish is thicker and more resistant so it will be less prone to breakage.

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